The year is 2014. We live in a society that is increasingly fast paced and filled with pressure for high performance, efficiency, and quality. In the world of manufacturing, these realities are more true than ever before. The challenges we face as manufactures are not simply problems that exist on a local or even national level. To survive we must adapt to meet the demands of an era obsessed with quality, speed, and the bottom line. How do we as manufactures adapt so that we can thrive in these new times? Here at Manufacturing Matters, we’ll look at these issues and provide what we hope you the audience we find to be solutions to the things that matter the most to you as fellow manufacturers.

Please bookmark our site and come back frequently as we will be updating this blog on a regular basis with the goal of providing worthwhile content meant to shed light on the latest news, innovations, technology, systems, and standards that are sure to shape our world for the years to come. If you are like us and believe that manufacturing matters, we invite you to join us on a journey that will explore and discuss what matters the most to you.